Scholarship Programs in Belarus

There are many institutions in Belarus offering scholarships to international students; Belarus is one of the lowest tuition fees countries in education in the world. In a real sense, education is less expensive compared to other countries. Choosing to study abroad in Belarus is the best Choice for many international students who have had the privileges to have the necessary information they need. There are always Scholarship programs, and we always update our students with current scholarships news and  also help them to choose which of the scholarship program is best for them, which are the universities that offers these scholarship programs and who can qualify to be given scholarships. In Belarus, Bothe the government and the private owned institutions offer scholarship program. You have to understand one thing clear if you are looking for scholarship program in Belarus; If you are a dull student, don’t bother yourself looking for scholarship in Belarus. The scholarships program for permanent residents and the citizens is from the lowest level top postsecondary education. For current scholarship programs in Belarus, click here.   For more information, please contact us.